Cancellations charges are: up to 2 month before arrival date 50% of the price, up to 1 month before arrival date 80 %, for a no show or a cancellation under 2 weeks before arrival 100% of the price. If a thrid party enters the contract he and the original participant are liable to us for the price.
Seven Senses Villas reserves the right to resign from a contract under extraordinary circumstances. Payments will be refunded.
40% of the price will be refunded in the case of force majeure.
Each participant is responsible for completing travel and medical insurance. A travel cancellation insurance is not included in the price
Ceck in 12:00 o clock
Check out: 11:00 o clock
Late check out only with permission and if the villa is available
We are located in a natural neighbourhood and we cannot influence neither noise or behavior of animals. We cannot be held responsible for any disturbances or injuries (noise, bites, stings, rash, allergies, …) caused by animals.
The guests has to cover for any damage caused to equipment that belongs to the company (inventory, sheets, etc). Be aware with temporary tattoos and colored sun cream, because we are not able to clean these bed sheets or towels perfectly and have to charge you.
Dont ever feed our dogs they are not allowed to eat any food from our guests.
We dont accept loud music in any time. If you want to have pricate guests in your villa for longer than a view hours and they wanna use our facilities please talk to the manager first.